Annual Sponsor

$20,000.00 / year

At the Vanguard level, your substantial contribution of $20,000 signifies unparalleled dedication to our mission. In recognition of your extraordinary support, we offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • Committees: Your organization will be able to participate on committees to solve industry-related challenges.
  • Recognition: Receive special acknowledgment and recognition as a Vanguard sponsor, showcasing your leadership and commitment.
  • Website Listing & Link: Enjoy premium placement on our website(s) as a Vanguard sponsor, ensuring unparalleled visibility and recognition.
  • MCGA Press Releases: Benefit from exclusive inclusion in our press releases, elevating your visibility and influence.
  • Social Media Posts: Gain exclusive mentions and appreciation across our social media channels, amplifying your impact and reach.
  • Marketing Materials: Your organization will be prominently featured in all our marketing materials, demonstrating your elite status as a Vanguard sponsor.
  • Mailing List Placements: Gain exclusive placement in email campaigns received by our database, enabling targeted outreach to key stakeholders.
  • Access to Research & Newsletters: Sponsor research and participate in the development of standards, grants, and white papers. Stay informed with exclusive access to our research and newsletters, keeping you abreast of industry trends and developments.
  • Discounts: Enjoy significant discounts, including a 20% reduction on exams and a 10% discount on education/training programs, facilitating continuous learning and development for your team.
  • Future Events: Receive VIP treatment at all our future events, including a 10% reduction on passes, priority seating, and exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Access to Certified Individual Roster: Gain access to our roster of certified individuals, providing valuable opportunities to connect with and hire top talent in the industry.

Corporate sponsorship packages are renewed annually on the date of the original purchase (e.g., March 15, 2024, would renew on the same date each year thereafter).