Who Should Take The CMCO Exam?

There are many roles within data center infrastructure that would benefit from professionals and their employers seeking a CMCO certification to assist with the continuous maintenance of critical systems:

Data Center Technicians perform various functions to keep data center operations at optimum performance.  Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Working knowledge of cabling systems
  • Installation of patch panels
  • Troubleshooting repairs and performing equipment maintenance
  • Maintaining detailed documentation of the data center.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers typically perform functions related to design, development, and maintenance.  Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Performing mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting repairs of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Design and maintain emergency response systems
  • Oversee disposal and storage of hazardous waste

Vendors who provide data center support services typically assist with server, storage, software and networking equipment needs.  Tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Cabling
  • Raised floor installation
  • UPS backup installation and maintenance
  • Generator installation and maintenance

Data center Infrastructure Designers plan, manage and automate the physical and virtual computing infrastructure of a data center.  Their tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Design, update, and implement data center layouts
  • Install and de-install rack mountable computer equipment
  • Track equipment via tracking software
  • Maintain metrics of power and space utilization

Mission Critical Skills Tested & Verified

The CMCO certification exam is designed to validate data center operation best practices as determined by hundreds of mission critical subject matter experts.  The following 7 domains are covered in the certification program and exam:

  • Mission Critical Infrastructure (21%)
  • Safety, Security & Emergency Response (14%)
  • Critical Production Space (14%)
  • Facility and System Documentation (12%)
  • Networking and Communications (5%)
  • Real-Time Information Management (17%)
  • Operations and Procedures (17%)

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CMCO Exam Details At-A-Glance

Wonder how many questions are on the CMCO certification exam and how you will be taking the test?  Find out with this snapshot of the CMCO exam requirements:

Exam Code


Type of Exam
  • Online through Pearson OnVUE
  • In-person at Pearson VUE testing centers


Exam Prerequisites

It is recommended that CMCO candidates have:

  • At least 1 year’s worth of education in a mission critical academic program


  • At least 1 year’s work experience in a mission critical environment
Number of Exam Questions


Type of Exam Questions

Multiple Choice

Maximum Test Time

150 Minutes

Certification Renewal

Good-For-Life (GFL)


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CMCO Training and Exam Preparation

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CMCO Testing Information

The CMCO certification exam is administered by Pearson VUE via OnVUE, it’s remote online testing platform, and in-person, computer-based testing.  In-person testing is available at more than 5,000 testing centers in North America, Europe and Asia.  For insight into how to register and take your exam, follow the links below:

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