Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO)

Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) is the foundational certification for mission critical careers.  CMCO certified professionals operate and maintain mission critical technologies in data center environments.

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Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP)

Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP) is an operational technology (OT) certification for mission critical careers.  The program focuses on cyber security principles.

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Compare CMCO and CMCP

Explore the domains that are covered by the CMCO and CMCP certifications in a side-by-side comparison.

Mission Critical Infrastructure
Safety, Security and Emergency Response
Critical Production Space
Facility and System Documentation
Networking and Communications
Real-Time Information Mgmt.
Operations and Procedures
Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO)
Core Mission Critical Concepts
Risk Management
Safety, Physical Security, & Cyber Security
Business Continuity
Mission Critical System Design
Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP)

Additional Certification Resources

Learn about the CMCO and CMCP credential guidelines.  Meet the advisory committee responsible for the development of the CMCO certification.

Use Your Certification Credential

Earning a CMCO and/or CMCP certification establishes your credibility as a mission critical professional. See our guidelines how to use your credentials in your job titles as well as official documents.

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