Role-Based & Vendor-Neutral Certifications

Mission Critical Global Alliance’s (MCGA) mission critical certification programs were developed to meet the U.S. Federal requirements for the nation’s mission critical infrastructure.  The Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) or Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP) programs were designed to validate the skills of professionals working in mission critical environments.  These credentials prove that you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in any mission critical environment.

CMCO Certification

CMCO is the foundational certification for professionals operating in data center environments.


CMCP Certification

CMCP is an operational technology (OT) certification for professionals working in any mission critical environment.


Qualifications and Skills That Matter

The Certified Mission Critical (CMCO) certification is designed as a tool to assess the knowledge and skillsets of operators in mission critical data centers.  The Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP) certification is an industry-developed standard to validate the skillsets of professionals in our nation’s critical infrastructure environments.  See below for the topics included in the certification exams:

Mission Critical Infrastructure
Safety, Security & Emergency Response
Critical Production Space
Facility & System Documentation
Networking & Communications
Real-Time Information Management
Operations & Procedures
Core Mission Critical Concepts
Risk Management
Safety, Physical Security, & Cyber Security
Business Continuity
Mission Critical System Design
Change Management


“If you want to start or grow your professional career in a mission critical facility, a CMCO certification really proves that you have the abilities and knowledge you need to succeed.”

Todd Pagliarulo, PE, LEED AP, CMCO

Vice President & Mission Critical Operations Group Manager

“I'm particularly fond of CMCO since we invested quite a bit of labor hours into the development of not only the content for the training curriculum, but also the testing.”

Jim Larson

Sr. Manager, Mission Critical Facilities
The Walt Disney Company

“CMCO is one thing that's in annual employee reviews and we say 'go out and get this.' We give them the time, money and resources to do it.”

Ray Caponi

Senior Vice President
T5 Facilities Management

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