Mission Critical Operations (MCO) Academy: Online

Prepare for the Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) exam through Cleveland Community College!

Mission critical operations allow for critical industries to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This mission critical operations course will be led by an instructor with broad knowledge and skills in the mission critical industry in order to best prepare you for the Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) exam.  A voucher for the CMCO exam is included with the course.

If you are interested in a degree program, students who successfully pass the CMCO exam are eligible to earn college credit for MCO 110 and MCO 115 at Cleveland Community College in Shelby, NC.

Fall, Spring, and Fall courses available


Mission Critical Operations Primer E-Book for the
Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP)

Written by Steve Mustard, the Mission Critical Operations Primer e-book is a recommended resource for students in entry-level programs and those beginning their careers in data center operations.  It addresses the core principles of mission critical operations that are also aligned with the Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP) domains, including:

Key concepts of mission critical operations • Standards and regulations relating to mission critical organizations • Mission critical system and network technologies • Mission critical operations activities and processes • Safety and physical security considerations • Risk management methodologies • Understand and address risk • Emergency response preparation and execution