We Certify Mission Critical Professionals

Global Skills Exchange is a leader in empowering organizations to anticipate, address, and adapt to dynamic and ongoing change, where organizational transformations and shifts in technology, mission, and business strategy call for continuous reshaping of the workforce.

We believe that people drive organizational success! That is why our MISSION is to design, measure, and optimize people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our innovative tools enable organizational leaders to make better decisions about people, leading to actions that create enduring impact. To that end, we are committed to ensuring individual performance and organizational readiness now and in the future.


Meet the people who pioneered the development of the CMCO and CMCP certification programs and continue its successful implementation throughout the mission critical industry.

Dave Wilcox

CEO and
Co-Founder of GSX

Dave co-founded GSX to focus on the deployment and implementation of industry practices for using validated skill and knowledge information.

Bryan Kainrath

Senior Vice President, Industry Credentialing and Assessment

Bryan manages the CMCO & CMCP programs. Prior to GSX, he worked for a top non-profit that issued professional certifications for the IT industry.

Ben Vincent

Program Administrator

Ben serves as the Program Administrator for both CMCO & CMCP programs including the coordination of vouchers, payments and certificates.

Sara Rupp

Senior Director, Industry Credentialing and Assessment

Sara works with the CMCO & CMCP program teams. Prior to GSX, she worked for a top non-profit that issued professional certifications for the IT industry.

CMCO Advisory Committee

CMCO and CMCP certifications are tailored toward specific skillsets required by mission critical environments.   See the topics included in each certification exam.